Super Belts for Boots Secrets ...

The Big Secret in making perfect knots, so as to assure that they are perfectly balanced and  flat is to make a knot, commonly known as The French Knot. 


The French Knot:


Take an end of the Scarf or narrow Sash in each hand,

Place the right hand  end over the left, twist underneath and fasten,

Now place the right hand end under and over the left, through the hole and fasten.


Just remember, the same hand, over and then under for a single knot; however, it could be repeated over and over again as long as you follow the rhythm ... as illustrated. 



Reducing Static Cling:


Pin a small Safety Pin to the Seam of your Slip, Skirt, Dress or Slacks, to stop them from clinging!





Spray onto your brush before brushing your hair.  This way the fragrance will last longer!  Swing your hair to enchant with flair.  (The alcohol content also helps to keep your hairline and brush cleaner!)